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One of the most frustrating things is having a vision and knowing where you want to go, but not being entirely sure how to get there. I know how you feel because I've been there. We all have. Every single established photographer who is further along than you has been at the starting line before needing help and I'm here to guide you and cheer you on.

Does the thought of shooting in manual make you want to curl up in a ball and cry? Do you eagerly nod your head up and down when people talk about ISO, aperture and shutter speed when in reality have no idea what they're talking about? Do you shoot in JPEG because you have no clue what RAW files are or what to do with them? If this sounds like you and you want to know how to actually use that expensive camera you bought, you are totally in the right place and I can help!

I love teaching and coaching others and that's why I'm so excited to be able to share my knowledge with other photographers who have a camera and want to learn how to use it. I truly believe I have a teacher's heart and seeing others grow and excel and have fun while doing so makes me happy.


The Mentorship Experience starts with learning how to use your camera! We'll meet at my home studio or on location for four hours where I'll first walk you through how to properly set your camera up, what all the buttons do and explain to you how the different settings all work together to properly expose your image when shooting in manual! Once you have a grasp on that, we'll head out and put it to work, where you'll practice what you just learned photographing me. From there, I'll have you hop in front of my camera and I'll walk you through posing and lighting, explaining how I pose and position my clients while photographing some great new headshots for you! From there, we'll head back to my studio where we'll upload the photos of you and I'll walk you through what exactly you do with RAW files. We'll cover what software and tricks I use to cull, edit & deliver images to my clients. After that, the floor is yours and I'm happy to answer any remaining questions you may have!





Before Jen mentored me, I felt hopeless, scared, nervous and lost in the photography world. I worried that if someone booked me, I wouldn’t be able to do a good job. I was really struggling with focus and talking to potential clients was really hard for me. Since my mentoring with Jen, I’m now able to take pictures faster, edit them a lot faster, and am more comfortable shooting in different light situations and using my flash. She also taught me some posing and explained how to talk to my clients. I'm more confident than ever and I can finally see myself doing this full time, thanks to Jen’s advice. Jen, I really appreciate all your help. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. - Ariadna | Chicago, IL

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